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Book Review: Emergency Contact by Lauren Layne and Anthony LeDonne

If Lauren Layne writes a book, I’ll read it. Her banter is witty, the characters are funny, and the drama is non-stop. Her latest release is a holiday rom-com co-written with her husband, Anthony LeDonne. My expectations were high as her husband is a comedian by trade, and Lauren is a comedic writer. I was interested to see how their writing styles would blend.

Emergency Contact is a hilarious Christmas story about two exes who still have feelings for each other. Ambitious attorney Katherine gets a concussion, and her ex-husband Tom is her emergency contact. Despite their animosity, Tom alters his holiday plans to do the right thing and care for her. Katherine flexes her sarcastic muscles, trying to deflect her true feelings, but being around him stirs up feelings she thought she had put to rest.

The story is a quick read filled with hilarious scenes as Katherine and Tom encounter a blizzard thwarting their journey to Tom’s family home. The sexual tension between them pops off the page as they try to navigate their suppressed feelings for each other. I especially liked the truck driver who peppers the story with holiday cheer. This one is for you if you’re looking for a feel-good, funny, festive read.

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