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Book Review: In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren

Maelyn Jones is stuck living with her parents and working at a dead-end job. Luckily, it's the holiday season which means a break from her not-so-perfect life. For as long as she can remember, she and her family have spent Christmas with two other families in snowy Utah. Rich with tradition, the annual trek to the cabin has been the highlight of the year. Mae's looking forward to putting all her worries aside and enjoying the annual festivities with the people she loves. 

When she learns it will be their last holiday together, Mae is absolutely crushed, especially since she's had a romantic mishap during the recent stay. On the car ride back to the airport, she makes a wish for the universe to show her what will make her happy. All of a sudden, tires screech and metal collides. Mae's world goes dark and what unfolds is a groundhog day do-over stuck on repeat. It's up to Mae to figure out how to break free in order to make her holiday dreams with a special someone finally come true. 

In a Holidaze is a Christmas rom-com with a new twist combining family traditions, festive memories, and holiday magic. The likable cast of characters draws the reader in as does Mae and her hilarious capers. The romantic element is by far the highlight of the story. The reader can't help but cheer on Mae as she tries her hardest to get her one true love under the mistletoe. A delightful read to get you in the holiday spirit, this unforgettable story will make you believe in the power of Christmas wishes.   

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