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Book Review: Peaceful on Purpose by Joel Osteen

The latest release by Pastor Joel Osteen of Lakewood Church is a purposeful approach to living at peace while navigating life’s pressures. Through scripture, anecdotes and words of wisdom, Joel lends sound advice on avoiding common pitfalls many people face. The book is divided into six chapters with accompanying study guide questions. Tapping into peace and the power to remain calm will not only keep you from experiencing negativity, but also it will help you move forward. The key is to guard your heart and get good at ignoring those who aim to steal your peace. What I like best about this book is Joel’s ability to offer valuable tips on staying in faith no matter what challenges you might face in life. Brighter days are ahead because the guardian of your soul is shielding you. Keep moving forward and God will bring you out stronger and better. Most importantly, the good breaks and the right people will be in your path because God has already set it up. If you have the right attitude, all will be well in your life. Peaceful on Purpose is the type of book to be shared with family and friends who are at a crossroad or given as a gift to a graduate embarking on life’s journey. If you’re looking for encouragement and joy in your life, this book is for you.

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