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Book Review: The Santa Suit by Mary Kay Andrews

The Santa Suit by Mary Kay Andrews is a delightful holiday novella filled with mystery, romance, and festive cheer. Newly divorced Ivy Perkins sets out to reinvent herself by purchasing The Four Roses, a dilapidated farmhouse, in need of love. What starts out as a novel idea turns into a labor of love filled with ups and downs that tests Ivy's resilience. The prior owners have left behind not only their furniture and junk, but also an old Santa suit at the top of a closet. Tucked inside a pocket is a note for Santa written by a child asking for her daddy to return home from the war. The mystery surrounding this find sparks Ivy to search for the family by immersing herself into this new community she now calls home. This lighthearted Christmas story will get you in the holiday mood with its quirky characters and Southern charm. A magical tale, I highly recommend adding The Santa Suit to your holiday must-read book list.

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