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Book Review: You Are Stronger Than You Think by Joel Osteen

You Are Stronger Than You Think by Joel Osteen is an uplifting read with encouragement to face life’s challenges. Divided into fifteen chapters, Pastor Joel takes the reader on a biblical journey, exploring how God’s word can impact whatever stage of life you are in. If you’re looking to go bigger and bolder, this book is for you! Joel shares how greatness is attainable if you have the right mindset. God will push back forces of negativity and doubt and give you supernatural strength if you put your trust in Him. Victory begins in the dark, in a season you might not understand. To be victorious, you must believe in your heart that God is there to lead you to the light. You will achieve more of life’s goodness by fighting for your future. Throughout the book, Joel urges the reader to pray bold prayers because God has more in store for you. Joel believes you’re going to get there if you trust God with your dreams and prayers. Don’t let life’s storms lead you down the wrong path. The enemy will try to talk you out of your dreams. What God has put in your heart will come to pass if you believe. Negative voices will try to test your resilience, but Joel encourages you to hold steadfast in faith. Greatness is on the way! You Are Stronger Than You Think is an inspiring read that will give you the strength to reach your full potential and live a life full of favor, increase, healing, and restoration.

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