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Jen's Jewels Author Interview: Finlay Donovan Rolls the Dice by Elle Cosimano

Hey there, readers! This week's Jen's Jewels author interview features Elle Cosimano and her latest release, FINLAY DONOVAN ROLLS THE DICE, the fourth installment in the Finlay Donovan series. I had a fascinating conversation with Elle about the inspiration behind blending a girls' weekend with a thrilling rescue mission. We dove into the dynamics between Finlay and Vero, exploring how their evolving partnership adds depth to the series. Elle shared insights into the neon-lit backdrop of Atlantic City and how it brings a new vibrancy to the story. We discussed the intricate plot involving loan sharks, stolen cars, and a charismatic hot cop, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the challenges of weaving multiple threads. Elle also provided a glimpse into family dynamics and the relatable chaos in Finlay's life. As a bonus, she hinted at exciting adventures to come with Finlay and Vero in future books and a standalone novella. If you're a fan eager to unravel the secrets behind this irresistible series, don't miss this interview! To read more, click here.

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