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Jen's Jewels Author Interview: Match Box Murder by Leslie Langtry

My latest column has posted on just in time for the weekend. If you're in the mood for a cozy mystery, check out Match Box Murder by Leslie Langtry.

It's just another weekend camping trip for ex-CIA agent Merry Wrath and her precocious Girl Scout troop. This time the girls are learning riflery, taught by Merry's assassin friend, Hilly (who isn't an assassin because the CIA doesn't have assassins because that would be illegal...but she totally is). What could go wrong?

Plenty, because the creepy camp caretaker is soon found inconveniently dead behind the rifle range. Naturally, a violent storm comes out of nowhere and strands the troop with four suspect camp staffers. The scout manual explains how to keep kids safe during storms, hiking trips, and the overly-enthusiastic application of matches to start a campfire, but there's nothing on what to do when trapped in a lodge with a murderer. Can Merry unmask the killer before she and the girls get burned?

To learn more about Leslie and her Merry Wrath Mysteries, click here.

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