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Book Review: Find Me by Alafair Burke

Hope Miller is uncertain of her identity. Fifteen years ago she was found unconscious next to an overturned SUV in New Jersey, and has never regained her memory. Ever since she has been living in the town of Hopewell, cared for by the community. Now she is moving to East Hampton, New York, to begin a new chapter without the stigma of being the woman with no memory and a mysterious past. With limited options, she takes a job with an independent realtor, hoping to make ends meet.

Manhattan Defense Attorney Lindsay Kelly is the young woman who found Hope by the side of the road after the horrible accident. The two have been inseparable ever since. When Lindsay learns of her friend’s desire to move out of state, she worries if the sudden change in location is in Hope’s best interest. Lindsay reluctantly gives Hope room to breathe, respecting her friend’s desire to start anew. But later when Hope can’t be reached, Lindsay’s greatest fears are realized—a drop of blood is found at her last known location.

FIND ME is a nail-biting novel about the power of female friendship, shining a spotlight on the lengths women will go to in support of each other. The intricate plot is adeptly engaging with an interesting cast of likable characters. Burke delivers an unexpected treat for fans of The Ellie Hatcher Series by including Ellie Hatcher, a NYPD detective featured in five previous books, in this stand-alone mystery. A well-executed story with unexpected twists, this addictive new release keeps the reader hooked until the very last page.

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