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Book Review: Fox Crossing by Melinda Metz

Annie Hatherley is busy running the family business, Hatherley’s Outfitters, located in the mountain village of Fox Crossing, Maine. It is the last town before the 100-mile wilderness, a remote section of the Appalachian Trail. This small village gets its name from a local legend about a curious fox with a white ear and paw. Crossing paths with this magical creature supposedly brings good fortune, love, and happiness. Annie is not too keen on the legend despite her great-great-great grandmother having spotted the fox many years ago.

Annie’s main responsibility is to sell hiking equipment to those brave enough to venture into the wild. Even experienced hikers like herself have been known to encounter trouble backpacking on this rugged part of the trail. Annie has no problem speaking her mind, especially to the ill-prepared adventure seekers who wander into her family’s shop. She feels it’s her duty to warn out-of-towners about the risks of hiking the rocky terrain. Luckily for her, Hatherley Outfitters is the only game in town.

When Nick, a sexy, inexperienced hiker, arrives in Fox Crossing, Annie has a hard time disguising her irritation with his lack of preparation for the strenuous trek. Despite her cautionary advice, Nick sets out on the trail, ready to accomplish his lofty goal. Try as she might, Annie can’t stop thinking about the handsome adventurer who has no clue of the danger that lies ahead.

Fox Crossing is a story of love, hope, and adventure. This engaging read is especially fitting for hiking enthusiasts and those interested in learning about the great outdoors. The legend of the mystical fox ties the story together making the reader wishful for a happy ending for Annie and Nick. Delightful and charming, Fox Crossing is a winter story sure to warm the reader’s heart.

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