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Book Review: The Memory Keeper by Jenny Hale

The Memory Keeper by Jenny Hale

On Sale January 26, 2021

Hannah Townsend is living her best life in the upper west side of New York City with an impressive job at a magazine and a handsome and successful beau, Miles Monahan. With her thirty-fifth birthday on the horizon, she’s planning to celebrate in Barbados sipping tropical drinks in the sunshine with her boyfriend.

When she receives a call about her grandmother falling ill, she trades in her island vacation for a ticket home to Tennessee. As it happens, the sudden change of plans provides a welcome distraction from her recent discovery that Miles is cheating on her. When a winter snowstorm grounds her plane in LaGuardia, she searches for an alternate way home. Her family is depending on her to arrive safely from New York in order to take care of The Memory Keeper, her grandmother’s run-down flower shop.

With no ground transportation available, she opts to rideshare with two other stranded passengers headed in the same direction. A mere happenstance meeting with high school friend Liam McGuire turns into more than a ride to Tennessee and gives Hannah a chance at a fresh start. When the building owner’s plans jeopardize the future of her beloved grandmother’s flower shop, she kicks into high gear to save what she treasures most.

The Memory Keeper is a sweet romance about a close-knit family who sticks together, even in the hardest of times. From the hilarious antics during the car ride to Hannah’s attempts to save the flower shop, Jenny Hale’s writing style makes you feel as if you are experiencing the story through the characters’ eyes. What is especially appealing is seeing how Hannah grows into the woman she has always dreamed of becoming. Delightful, addictive, and purely satisfying, The Memory Keeper is an unforgettable romance you’ll love to share with family and friends.

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