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Book Review: You Can Live the Dream by Nick Nilson

You Can Live the Dream by Nick Nilson

The difference between success and failure depends on your ability to overcome challenges. Instead of focusing on the trials, embrace the unknown and fix your attention on the possibilities. Associate Pastor Nick Nilson’s debut release is a must-read for helping you achieve God’s purpose in your life. Through antidotes and practical advice, his infectious enthusiasm encourages you to dream big by seizing your best life now. Every obstacle brings an opportunity, a special blessing in disguise. If you desire to fulfill your destiny, the first step is realizing God has something big in store for you. From choosing the proper perspective to finding significance in helping others, Pastor Nick details how to discover peace, joy, and fulfillment. What I like best about this book is Nick’s relatability. His first-hand experiences demonstrate how overcoming setbacks through faith can lead to living your dream life. If you're looking for inspiration and encouragement, I highly recommend this book.

About the Author

Nick Nilson is an Associate Pastor at America’s largest church, Lakewood Church. His authenticity and charisma help him share the hope of Jesus everywhere he goes. His work as a leader and communicator has given him the opportunity to help people to realize their full potential in every area of their life. He is happily married to his wife Summer, and they pastor at Lakewood Church in Houston, TX, where they also reside with their children, Haven, Denver, and their spoiled dog Harley.

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